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Welcome to NLPT

Next Level Performance Training is Cambridge and Stratford, Ontario's best and most established private training and fitness centre for athletes and adults. Since 2008, NLPT has worked with athletes and clients of all ages, sports, exercise backgrounds and health histories.

We’ve taught 9-year-olds as well as 90-year-olds to squat and deadlift, coached 12-year-old hockey players all the way up to their NHL draft day, as well as worked with athletes from a variety of sports competing on the national stage.

Although our client roster is diverse, our goal for all of them remains the same:

To inspire and empower people, teams, and organizations with the tools and confidence necessary to pursue their next level of performance, health, and fitness.


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Whether you're an athlete, the coach of a team, or are just looking to get in the best shape of your life, NLPT has you covered.


Hear what the coaches have to say. We regularly post updates on athletic development, training philosophy, nutrition, and gym news.

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