Our Purpose

To inspire and empower people, teams, and organizations with the tools and confidence necessary to pursue their next level of performance, health, and wellness.

Training Programs

For athletes in the Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo area, there is no better environment to train in than NLPT. Our intimate, and hard-working atmosphere creates an environment that simply can not be replicated in your typical “gym”.

Success Stories

We’re a gym that prides itself on getting results, whether it’s getting a young athlete to the next level or helping an adult fitness client to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Click here to read a little more about the people we’ve worked with.


Our rehab department is headed up by registered massage therapist Michelle Miguel. Michelle is an experienced clinician who has been a vital part of our success with our athletes and clients. Her massage therapy clinic, which is located at our Cambridge facility is open to non-NLPT clients and members of the general public.

What's New?

Latest Blog Post

Getting the heart of the kettlebell swing.

We love the kettlebell at NLPT (from now on, referred to as a KB…less typing). What makes the KB great is that it works so well in so many different situations. From performing a rehabilitative exercise to a KB-only aerobic circuit, the KB is diverse....

Upcoming Events

Fall NLPT athlete session.

Sept 5, 2016

Open to athletes 12 – 18, we have 1x, 2x, and 3x a week training plans available.

NLPTteam season begins

Sept 5, 2016

In-season training options available for all youth sports teams.