What it is

An opportunity for you to relax from the stress of your sport, work, or busy schedule. Learn how to properly foam roll, practice new breathing techniques and discover exercises and stretches to help with your issue or injuries.

What it isn’t

Nap time. This isn’t your typical gym session but its no time to sleep in he back of class either. You will be challenged and engaged to explore and learn about your body’s strengths and limitations to improve areas that might be holding you back.

What can I expect?

Commitment to recovery should be as strong as your commitment to perform; they are the opposite sides of the same coin. This class will give you the much needed time off and will teach you the tools necessary to properly recover from all aspects of your life.


Wednesday @8pm

Sunday @12pm



5 classes: $75 + HST

10 classes: $135 + HST

20 classes: $255 + HST


5 classes: $90 + HST

10 classes: $159 + HST

20 classes: $299 + HST


To sign-up, please email us at info@mynlpt.com and we will be in touch with you about finilizing your registration.