Since 2007, NLPT has been the leader in team strength and conditioning throughout the Waterloo region. Over the years we have worked with over 150 sports teams from Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Markham, Halton, and Huron-Perth with sports ranging from hockey, ringette, football, basketball and baseball.

I have coached many hockey teams in Waterloo Region the past four decades and have been associated with the NLPT group since their early days in Kitchener. I am a strong supporter in what NLPT has to offer, its location, first class facilities and the instructors are top notch -- they are that good.

As coach of the Midget AA Roadrunner team this past year, I know the players enjoyed the environment and experiences of NLPT. As a coach looking for high performing athletes I know the NLPT model works as our team vastly improved throughout the year.

Our 11 year old daughter has recently joined the NLPT family and already we are seeing positive results in her physical and emotional growth.

As coach of the Roadrunners Midget AA hockey team ands a parent, Andrew, Eric, Eric and Zach -- thanks for all you do.

-Fred Gregory, Head Coach, Cambridge Midget AA Roadrunners

Team Training Philosophy

Below is a summary on the four topics that are a part of every team training session at NLPT. The exercises and other program design specifics change depending on the team that we work with, but the general structure stays consistent.

Pillar #1: Movement Mechanics and Dynamic Warm Up

The first couple weeks of training will be primarily focused on teaching the fundamentals of a proper warm-up, proper movement mechanics, and proper training behaviour. Our philosophy is that since we’ll be asking them to move a lot, we had better spend time making sure they move well. Strength and conditioning programs that neglect this step often build strong, but dysfunctional athletes.

Pillar #2: Strength and Speed Development

At NLPT, we spend a considerable amount of time working on general strength development. The reason we do this is that by simply improving general strength, nearly all of the other athletic abilities improve as a result. Speed improves as the athlete is able to direct more force into the ice with each stride. We develop strength both through bodyweight (and when necessary, externally weighted) movements and always emphasize proper technique over more weight on the bar.

Pillar #3: Metabolic Conditioning

The third area of focus at NLPT is conditioning. Everybody knows what it’s like to either be a part of, or witness a team that burns out at the end of a game. We take pride in knowing that this isn’t a concern for the teams that we train.

We also go to great lengths to make sure our conditioning sessions are extremely high-energy, interactive and competitive for the team. Besides just getting in good shape, it’s during our conditioning time that teams really learn to come together and push each other to get the work done. Each week presents a new challenge or a different conditioning circuit to ensure things never get stale or boring.

Pillar #4: Competition

Athletes thrive under competition. We believe that the ability to work hard and push one’s self physically is a characteristic that must be learned like any other.

During the season, we set the bar high for our athletes and present a variety of challenges that when met, develop a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. At NLPT, pushing beyond perceived limitations is just a part of our day.

"When I first heard Andrew and Eric talk about their NLPTfamily I thought it was just talk. I was completely wrong. These guys genuinely care about their teams and their athletes."

Geoff Haddaway, Head Coach, Cambridge Rivulettes

Enrollment Packages

Standard Package

With this option, teams choose when and how often they train. There is no minimum or maximum of now many sessions that can be booked--it all depends on your schedule. Historically, teams typically decide to train with us once per week during their season.

Elite Package

Our Elite Season Plan is designed to cover your team from the fall all the way through playoffs. The program runs from the beginning of September all the way up until the beginning of April. No need to count sessions either! Your team is welcome to continue training with us right up until the end of playoffs.

This option includes more than just a weekly workout. All players are entitled to a second training session per week during our NLPTathlete hours, where they are given an individualized training plan and are coached in a much lower coach to athlete ratio compared to their weekly team workout. Additionally, all players will receive our athlete nutrition handbook that covers everything from the building blocks of a sound diet, to nutritional strategies that young athletes will be able to implement whether at home, at school, or on the road. Teams that enroll in our Season Plan will also get to attend a nutrition seminar put on at NLPT at some point during the year.


Program options for teams and organizations

The following two options are available to all teams. Invoicing and payment is all handled directly with the team or organization, not through the individual athletes.


5+ sessions: $169 per team per session
1-4 sessions: $199 per team per session


Maximum schedule flexibility

Minimum two strength and conditioning coaches on floor

Perfect for

Teams that want to participate in a structured strength and conditioning program but plan on training irregularly or who will need maximum flexibility with their schedule.

Elite Package

$450 per player per season

Breaks down to $9.38 per athlete per session. Estimated at 48 sessions (24 team, 24 individual) per season.


Training services provided for entire season

1 team training session per week

1 individual training session per week

NLPT athlete nutrition handbook

Perfect for

Teams that wish to seriously invest in off-ice development.

One-time combine and coaching session

$375 per team


2-hour long session

Full battery of performance tests

Team and player feedback reports

Hour-long coaching session