In 2010, I moved to Canada to help my buddy with his new gym. In a few weeks, just about 8 years later, I'll be saying goodbye to NLPT.

It's been a ride, and I've got nothing but gratitude. While I'm excited for the new chapter in my professional career, I'll miss this place dearly. It's been an absolute privilege to help grow the NLPT community, and there were many days where I couldn't believe I got paid to do what I do.

To all of the athletes and clients I've had the privilege to work with over the years: Thank you. I can only hope that I had the smallest bit of positive impact on whatever you were trying to accomplish. I never had a coach or mentor when I was a young athlete, and it was something I always tried to provide to others. Hopefully you got a little stronger and learned a thing or two.

To all of the staff I've worked with--Dylan, Shomphe, Krebsy, Scott, Kate, Browny, Heather, Shelby and John--thanks for your passion, commitment, support, and not taking this whole thing too seriously. Any company would be lucky to have you, so thanks for spending some of your time with us.

And finally to Andrew and Michelle, thank you for giving me the opportunity to pursue my passion. I don't need to tell you what an incredible journey this has been, but just know getting to pursue it with my best friends is what made it more than a job--it's been the experience of a life time. I'll forever be grateful.

And cheers to the next generation of NLPT athletes and clients. You guys are in terrific hands.

Now put your weights away,