Program starts January 29

Program overview

Foundational Acceleration and Agility Skill

The “NLPT ACCELERATE” is a 45 minute group based program designed to implement, develop and reinforce foundational acceleration and change of direction mechanics. With a curriculum based on the principles of physical science, the NLPT staff will work tirelessly to install the dynamic skills required to create speed in multiple planes.

Vectored Force Implementation

If we want to accelerate at an elite level, we need to exert force of a proportional level in the appropriate direction repeatedly to optimize speed or change of direction abilities. Following the development of the skill and positions required to generate force, the program will strive to teach our athletes how to apply the necessary relative force in the proper directions to optimize acceleration.

Competitive environment

Using laser timing gate technology, each session will conclude with a fun and trackable self competition to provide feedback on our athletes’ progress during this program. The goal of this competition is to spark quality conversations with our athletes on how their training behaviours and habits influence their desired outcomes of this type of training.

Program options and costs

Perfect for

1x per week

$50 + HST/mth

Athletes that have a hectic in/off season training schedule but want to supplement in some high technical work.

2x per week

$90 + HST/mth

Athletes that have more training time on their hand and are intentionally preparing for competition

Cambridge Training Schedule

Tuesdays at 8pm

Wednesdays at 630pm

Saturdays at 10pm

Stratford Training Schedule

Wednesdays at 730pm

Saturdays at 11am

Sign up

To sign up, please contact us at and ask abbout the Accelerate Program